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We are a free tool. And quite popular. Some come for the seeker. The guy on the homepage.  Most leave happy with the insight. 

There really is only 1 exclusive spot each month. Just 1. All yours.
Your product will be promoted from our results page. You'll have space for a leaderboard ad. And a text link above this.

We charge a fixed fee. No CPMs here. It's $7k/month. Simple.

We don't have a sales team. That's the price. Probably very reasonable on a CPM basis. Very very reasonable versus headline sponsoring a conference to reach a similar audience to ours. 

That's it. 

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They all share a love of search insight. So might like your related tool.

SEOs. Lots of SEOs. Content Marketers. Paid media people. PR Pros. It's a mixed lot.

We have just 1 exclusive sponsor slot each month.